The Finley Fit is identified in the product description of each style.
  • FITTED: This shirt has darts, tucks and/or pleats in both the front and the back of the bodice and is shaped to your body.
  • SEMI-FITTED: This shirt follows the shape of your body but does not fit tightly. It may have small darts for shape only.
  • RELAXED: This shirt has ease for extra movement and is not intended to show any of your shape.
The Finley Shirts Sizing Chart
XXS (0) X-SMALL (2-4) SMALL (6-8) MEDIUM (10-12) LARGE (14) X-LARGE (16)
Bust 31"-32" 33"-34" 35"-36" 37"-38" 39"-42" 43"-44"
Waist 23"-24" 25"-26" 27"-28" 29"-30" 31"-34" 35"-36"
Hip 34"-35" 36"-37" 38"-39" 40"-41" 42"-44" 45"-46"


The Care of your Finley Shirt

There are separate care instructions for our white blouses and our classic button down shirts with printed designs.

Washing White Shirts:

  • The easiest way to ruin a white shirt is to dry clean it. Hand wash or machine wash as much as possible using a mesh bag for protection. This will help prevent broken or missing buttons and help protect the fabric.
  • If a button happens to go missing, please look in the sideseam of your shirt, as we sew an extra button there for your convenience.
  • You can have the shirts laundered at the cleaner, but we recommend asking for no starch. If you like starch (especially from the dry cleaners), garments need to be washed twice to remove all the starch build-up that has been pressed in.
  • If your white shirt begins to yellow from the dry cleaning fluid, simply agitate 1/4 cup fabric safe bleach with warm water in the basin of your machine. Once the water and bleach are mixed, add the shirt and soak for 20 minutes. Never put bleach directly on a garment.
  • The dryer can be used only for 5-10 minutes to fluff the majority if the wrinkles out. The shirt should still be damp when taken from the dryer. Hang to dry or begin to press while still damp.
  • Shirts should be damp when ironed. Always press the tip (points) of the collar and cuff inward to avoid wrinkling. Shirts can also be sent to the dry cleaner for "press only" service.

    Stain Treating Your White Shirts:

  • Makeup: Lift oily cosmetics such as lipstick and foundation by laying your shirt (stain down) on a washcloth and pushing mild dish-washing soap into the fabric with another washcloth. Repeat, using a clean section of cloth, until the makeup no longer transfers. Rinse with warm water, pretreat any remaining spots, and launder.
  • Perspiration: Those yellow-tinged underarm stains are usually caused by a combination of sweat and antiperspirant. Salvage your shirt by soaking it in 3 gallons of water plus 1 ounce enzyme-based detergent like Tide Total Care before washing it in the hottest water permitted and 1/4 cup fabric safe bleach.
  • Food Spills: For best results, pretreat the area with a stain remover (keep one handy in your bag), then launder ASAP with detergent and fabric safe bleach.

    Laundering Your Dark or Printed Shirts:

  • Always wash dark colors separately and turn all garments inside out.
  • Hang clothes to dry to avoid abrasion and color loss.
  • Dry cleaning will not damage dark colors or prints as much as whites.